Beach Yoga - Mind Body Fusion Yoga

Taking your practice to the beach or outdoors is more like Yogis intended more than 5,000 years ago. According to some of the top experts in Yoga, practice must NOT
be constricted solely within the yoga studio; Yogis and athletes must learn to develop exercise or yoga practice outdoors. This is the same reason that yoga retreats are mostly held in outdoor environments that enable one to get close to nature.

In extensive research from the Environmental Science and Technology, 11 studies with 833 adults the author’s concluded that when compared to indoor exercise, outdoor exercise led to increased mental benefits with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and decreased stress and depression. Most all of the trials showed an improvement in spiritual, emotional and psychological well-being over studio yoga or indoor exercise.

The healing touch of sun-kissed skin, the aromatic smell and the melody of waves, seagulls, breeze and laughter enhance your yoga practice. Practicing beach yoga builds the secondary muscles in your feet and hips and increases core work in balanced postures. (Asana) The warm, uneven sand, massages, strengthens and aligns the feet while increasing overall enjoyment.

Within the limitations of a yoga studio, teachers do their best to create an atmosphere of inspirational and therapeutic music, soft lights and aromatherapy. Practicing yoga on the beach opens up a variety of positive sensations for ones soul.